A Message from the Chairman

Doug Pratt '84

Dear CFA Members and Friends of Cornell Football,

I’m writing to you as a result of the many e-mails and calls that the CFA has received following the end of the Football season, as well as Andy Noel’s letter dated 11/24/18 to the Big Red Football family. The one common thread in all communications is that no one likes Football’s current standing in the league, and everyone shares true passion for a long term commitment to Ivy League Championship Football returning to the halls of Schoellkopf. That being said, the CFA does not make or influence personnel decisions regarding football operations. We are responsible to our membership, as well as supporting the program. We expect the university to insure the football program achieves a high level of success, just as they expect high accolades of the respective colleges within the university.

In closing, your comments for improving the program should not only be directed to the CFA, but to the appropriate administration officials at Cornell responsible for the program. During my recent communications with President Pollack’s office, she made it perfectly clear that all comments regarding the football program need to be directed to Andy Noel as he is ultimately responsible for football operations. Your views do matter to us and play an important role in our ability to support the program. We need to hear from you!


Doug Pratt '84
CFA Chairman
(636) 262-0048