From the Chairman

Doug Pratt '84


There have been many great things happening for Cornell Football during the off-season!

A streamlined admissions process and a true 100% match have been put into place for the upcoming recruiting season; this should enable us to get the highest caliber student-athlete on the playing field for Coach Archer and his terrific staff.

Please help us in this very worthwhile endeavor to advance our team to the head of the Ivy League, by joining/renewing your membership today for the 2018 campaign. Our calendar year for membership ends December 31, 2018.

For over 20 years, your continued support of the CFA has greatly impacted our annual budget and ability to help support the program and its players. We would like to thank all of our members for their generous support and encourage everyone to renew your membership today.

As importantly, we need your help in encouraging others to join the CFA, effectively enabling us to expand our efforts and reach through a broad based nationwide constituency network. Please feel free to forward this transmission to others and encourage them to sign up today!!

Finally, your monetary contributions to our annual fund, phon-a-thon and event sponsorships are invaluable and greatly appreciated; without your strong financial commitment, the CFA will not have the necessary resources to be nearly as meaningful or effective!! Contribute now.


Doug Pratt '84
CFA Chairman
(636) 262-0048
Coach Archer's philosophy: "EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING" - please help spread the word!