Vice-Chairman’s Message

CFA Golf Outing
A few Words From Vice-Chairman, Doug Pratt
(Pin Flag & Hole Sponsorhsips)

As we approach the 60th Ben Mintz Golf Outing on July 29th & 30th, I’d like to reach out to everyone that has been a fan of Cornell Football and keep you apprised of the exciting progress with the “New CFA”.

The Cornell Football Association, Inc. (CFA) is now an independent autonomous not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with complete control of our affairs and finances. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% percent of your contributions inure to the benefit of Cornell Football.

It has been a busy six and a half months. So far this year we have accomplished the following:

One of the best things about our golf outing is getting a chance to see friends of the program when we gather back in Ithaca. Each year that we attend, we only wish that everyone could get back as we know how busy our lives have all become; please sign up now if you are able to attend.

Pin Flag Makes for Great Shadow-box Memorabilia!

Pin Flag Makes for Great Shadow-box Memorabilia!

That being said, for those that can’t make it back, you still have the opportunity to help with the event. Please help us hit our target of 40 pin sponsorships and 20 hole sponsorships. We have 10 days to achieve the goal. Please use this link and go to “Hole Sign Sponsor” or “Pin Flag Sponsor”. All proceeds go directly to the Football program.

As Coach Archer says, “Everyone can do something”!

Let’s Go Big Red!
Doug Pratt
CFA Vice-Chairman

636.262.0048 cell
Coach Archer’s philosophy: “EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING” – please help spread the word!