Chairman’s Corner

April 2016 | 1st Edition


I am writing with exciting news about the Cornell Football Association!

On November 14th, 2015 the CFA board resoundingly approved a “Motion to pursue complete CFA Autonomy by developing our own 501(c)(3) organization to support Cornell Football.”

The Cornell Football Association, Inc. (CFA) is now an independent autonomous not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with complete control of our affairs and finances.  All donations are tax deductible, and 100% percent of your contributions inure to the benefit of Cornell Football.

The newly formed CFA provides us with a host of ways in which we can support Coach Archer and the Cornell Football program.

Certainly, monetary support is necessary to facilitate our endeavors.  As in the past, we will promote traditional activities such as the annual CFA golf outing (July 29th & 30th), pregame tailgates and reunion weekend.  We also plan to offer new and unique events that will allow us to gather in non-traditional venues.  All of our activities will focus around the simple premise of being together while promoting the rich tradition of camaraderie and fellowship which was established over 20 years ago at the inception of the CFA.  I encourage everyone to attend this year’s Ben Mintz Golf Outing as well as other to be announced CFA events.

As importantly, we will continue to address areas of critical importance that we deem relevant to our programs pathway for success. The CFA “White Paper” and Coach Archer’s “Cornell Victorious Plan” provide a blueprint for us to address these issues as well as a plan for implementation. Initiatives such as streamlining admissions, proactive award match, self sustainability, budgets, and the like will be communicated to our constituency through our existing Win Big Red Network and will be organized and focused.  The relevance and importance of a “marquee football” program must be made known at the highest levels of the university, and will stress the “will to win” and the many benefits a competitive program can bring to the student-athlete, faculty and the University as a whole.  We are very appreciative of the efforts of our late President, Beth Garrett and firmly believe that she appropriately articulated her sentiments about the importance of athletics at last year’s CFA golf outing when she said that “Football was in her DNA”. The trust she placed in Ryan Lombardi gives us great comfort for continued progress during the tenure of acting President Hunter Rawlings.

Needless to say, we have, and will continue to work hard behind the scenes to improve and effectuate positive change that will allow us to assist our football team to reestablish itself as a competitive marquee program.  Simply put, a strong vibrant CFA is essential to helping Coach Archer and his staff in rebuilding our football program.  Moreover, it is important for the players to understand that we are there to support them and that their efforts are a critical component of this process.

We have a great Coach in David Archer, he understands Cornell, its process and Ivy League Football.  He has surrounded himself with an excellent staff and is re-positioning our program and building a sustainable platform. The foundation for success is being built under the premise that we will “build it slow and build it right”; understanding, that a solid infrastructure is essential to success and longevity.

You will be hearing from many folks in the near term giving you a perspective of the magnitude of our undertaking and encouraging you to join our efforts.  I am hopeful that you will find a way to get involved and engaged as we rebuild our football program.   Don’t sit on the sidelines, get excited and get in the game!!

Please visit and bookmark our new Cornell Football Association website, join the CFA or donate directly to the Cornell Football Association. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% percent of your contributions insure the benefit of Cornell Football.

Marty Rauch
CFA Chairman
913.634.2774 cell
Coach Archer’s philosophy: “EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING” – please help spread the word!