CFA Career Days


Career Weekend: March 23-24, 2018
NYC Bus Networking Trip: TBD
Recruiting Trips to Campus: If you are coming to campus to recruit let me know Ill get players together for a work shop.

Below is a list of our current Juniors on our roster. In an attempt to assist them in their search for future employment or internship, I have provided you a brief summary of their major, and internship and/or work experience. I hope that you would be able to review the list and provide guidance to them as they are in pursuit of their extremely important junior summer internships.

You may contact them yourselves, or if you would rather give me a call I would be happy to discuss any of them with you. I have met numerous times with each player, and currently, I have all of their resumes on file and could send them to you upon request.

We are extremely proud of these student athletes for their hard work and dedication to the program throughout their careers and are committed to assisting them in their future endeavors.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, email me if you would be willing to help out.


Pete DeStefano
Cornell University
Director of Player Personnel,
Alumni, Community, and Career Programs
O: 607-255-5638
F: 607-255-4088

Click on player name for bio (PDF)


  1. Mason Banbury: East Grand Rapids, MI- DL #91
    • Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management- AEM
    • Interests/Experiences: Finance, Consulting, Real Estate
    • Internships: Mercantile Bank, Geckobrands, Appdynamics
  2. Dalton Baker Banks: San Antonio, TX- QB #7
    • Dyson School of Business- Economics and Management
    • Interests/Experiences: Finance, Business Development, Management, Real Estate Development
    • Internships: Luther King Financial, Luther King Capital management, Well- Aware Externship
  3. Oscar Boochever: Washington D.C.-TE #40
    • Arts and Sciences- Undecided
    • Interests/Experiences: Possibly lawyer, economics
    • Internships: Kohn, Kohn, & Colapinto Law Firm, Perfect performance fitness center
  4. Zachary Brienza: Rochester, NY-WR #19
    • Arts and Science-Physics
    • Interests/Experiences: Astrophysicist, computer science
    • Internships: RA-CU, RCA for high school program, Bell Tower Books Co., Abbotts Frozen Custard
  5. Malcom Chaka: Chicago, IL- LB #5
    • ILR minor in Business
    • Interests/Experiences: Law, Banking, Consulting
    • Internships: Fay Servicing LLC, Externship with Mark Phillip, Kirkland Ellis/ Robert Dold LLC
  6. Garrett Cloer: Hillsborough, NC- WR #13
    • CALS- Applied Economics and Management, Concentration in Strategy
    • Interests/Experience: Sports Management, Business
    • Internships: World Class Wedding Venues, Active Edge Fitness, Landmark Construction, Boxer Freight, Farm and Filigree Event Planning, Christmas Tree Farm, JC Electric
  7. David D'Amelio: Naples, FL- OL #61
    • ILR, working on a minor in AEM
    • Interests/Experiences: Business Management, Finance
    • Internships: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Hired Hands
  8. Hank DeGlee: South New Berlin, NY- OL #69
    • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • Interests/Experiences: Agricultural related, Part of the family farm
    • Internships: Worked on Farm, Finndale Farms, Sun Mountain Dairy Farm
  9. Gustavo Dorsett: El Paso, TX- WR #6
    • Johnson School of Business
    • Interests/Experiences: Real Estate investment, Finance
    • Internships: Casas-De Leon
  10. Max Gardner: Buffalo, NY- OL #72
    • AEM
    • Interests/Experiences: Business analytics and Finance
    • Internships: Division of Financial Affairs Cornell University, Omniseq, Northwestern Mutual
  11. Austin Holmes: Wheaton, MD- DB #2
    • CALS AEM
    • Interests/Experiences: Finance, Banking, Consulting, Strategy
    • Internships: Rock Creek Group, Enlightenment Capital
  12. J. Edward Keating: Birmingham, MI- OL #58
    • Arts and Sciences- Economics, minor in Business and American Capitalism
    • Interests/ Experiences: Finance, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance
    • Internship: Mercedes Financial, Mahler Co
  13. Christian Kelley: Kulpmont, PA- FB #47
    • ILR Business and Law Society
    • Interests/Experiences: Securities Law, Business Law, Labor Law
    • Internships: Northumberland County Court House, Ateco/ Mrs. Ts Pierogis, Storage Squad
  14. Ryan Kelley: San Francisco, CA- DL #11
    • CALS- Communications
    • Interests/Experiences: Business, Media, Real Estate, Management, Marketing
  15. Mason Manning III: Olympia, WA- OL #71
    • Arts and Sciences- English
    • Interests/Experiences: Law school
    • Internships: Shadowed Judge in Seattle, Twin Stars Credit Union, Active Club Solutions Wine Company
  16. Zach Mays: Las Vegas, NV- PK #37
    • CALS- Communication
    • Interests/Experiences: Sports Marketing, Media
    • Internships: Valet at Trump Tower, Zupas Kitchen, Boatyard Grill
  17. Maxwell McCormick: Toledo, OH- LB #15
    • CALS- Communication
    • Interests/Experiences: Sports Media
    • Internships: Internship with local CBS affiliate, Bellas Lawn & Landscape, Firepit Grill
  18. George Curtis McLeod: Hingham, MA- DL #97
    • CALS- Communications
    • Interests/Experiences: Natural resource brokerage, environmentally sustainable energy brokerage, construction, sales
    • Internships: Taylor Forest
  19. Cyrus Nolan: San Diego, CA- DL #36
    • Engineering
    • Interests/Experiences: Mechanical Engineering, Sports Related Career
    • Internships: Traverna Banfi
  20. Lars Pedersen: Milford, CT- WR #29
    • CALS- Applied Economics and Management
    • Interests/Experiences: Business, Finance, Marketing, Consulting
    • Internships: Nielsen Company Externships, Snowmobile Vermont, Commonwealth Financial
  21. JD PicKell: Orange County, CA & Atlanta, GA- RB #8
    • Hotel
    • Interests/Experiences: Sports Marketing, Broadcasting
    • Internships: Ford Fry Restaurants, Mindshare Creative Marketing Firm
  22. Victor Olapinsin: Bloomfield, NJ- DL #51
    • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences- Biological Sciences, minor in AEM
    • Interests/Experiences: Physical therapy, Pharmacist
    • Internships: High School Football Camp
  23. Steven Rodriguez: Miami, FL- RB #1
    • Hotel
    • Interests/Experiences: Stockbroker, Asset Management, Sales, and Trading
    • Internships: Hard Rock Casino, Banquets and Conferences, Waffle House
  24. Reis Seggebruch: Tomball, TX- LB #24
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Interests/Experiences: ME, Energy Trading, Military Contracting
    • Internships: Costal Securities Externship, BNY Mellon Walter Crone, Dr. Earls research for the Navy
  25. Henry Stillwell: Richmond, VA- OL #70
    • Arts and Sciences- History, Business Minor
    • Interests/Experiences: Commercial Real Estate, Restaurant Management, Business, Finance, Tobacco Industry, Waste Management
    • CBRE-Richmond, Shine Craft Vessels Co, Waffle House
  26. Zach Strong: Athens, GA- OL #57
    • Industrial and Labor Relations, Minor in Business
    • Interests/Experiences: Sports Management, Business, Consulting
    • Internships: Big Red Shipping, Hired Hands, Gatorade Tent
  27. Chris Walker: Lewisburg, TN- RB #9
    • Applied Economics and Management
    • Interests/Experiences: Marketing, Entrepreneurial, Consulting
    • Internships: First National Bank, Storage Squad, Medley and Spivey Law Office
  28. Jake Watkins: Placentia, CA-DB #3
    • Arts and Sciences- Sociology
    • Interests/Experiences: Education
    • Internships: A&M Furniture
  29. Chase Wickenheiser: Clarks Summit, PA- DL #95
    • College of Arts and Sciences- Mathematics and Economics
    • Interests/Experiences: Entrepreneurship
    • Internships: Ipreo, Kevins Worldwide, shadowed at Medical Center, Golf course, shadowed at Mercer Investment
  30. Donald Woullard: Fullerton, CA- DB #8
    • CALS- Biology and Society, Minor in Business and Health Policy
    • Interests/Experiences: Surgeon, Medical Sales, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Health Administration, Consulting
    • Internships: Statler Hotel, Vector Marketing, City of Hope Hospital in LA