Dr. George Arangio ‘65

Gentlemen and Friends of Cornell Football,

george-arangio-1It is a clear and warm day where the breeze soothes the skin. I hope you are blessed with a healthy and prosperous 2016.

The Cornell Football Association’s challenge “…is to support, encourage and promote the varsity football program…and enrich the athletic, intellectual and social experience of Cornell Football student-athletes.…” Cornell enriched my life and gave my team the “tools” to be competitive.

The football team reflects the administration, deans, faculty and the student body. I believe that when Cornell football is excellent and competitive all share the honor and thrill. Our late President Garrett quoted Cornell’s founder “…it is better to be excellent in a barn than mediocre in a palace…”

Many Ivy League schools make a measured cultural and financial commitment to field competitive and winning football teams.

Cornell’s challenge is to provide the financial and administrative tools to allow football recruits and coaches to be successful. We owe this to these exceptional young men–no less no more.

The coaches’ challenge is to convince recruits that Cornell football is an enriching and excellent experience and to assure moms and dads that Cornell University provides the best tools to be safe and competitive.

Our football student-athletes’ challenge is to improve each day and be the best they can be off and on the field.

Our CFA, football alumni and friends of Cornell football are loyal and support Cornell football with significant financial donations and volunteer time. The CFA and I encourage Cornell leaders to aspire to excellence and to demonstrate a public and transparent “will to win” football games. We believe that when Cornell champions the challenges all Cornellians win. The CFA and I believe that it is laudable to study and to be competitive and to win. “…We will win again, soon…”

The reorganized Cornell Football Association needs your help. Please join us. www.cfamembership.com

See you in the fall and stay well,

George, #60
George A. Arangio, M.D. ‘65 ‘69